On July 4, 1952, Arthur L. Bensen opened a theme park in North Hudson, New York, where visitors could see American history come to life before their eyes. That park was Frontier Town. For 32 years he and his partners ran the park, continually adding attractions.

On May 26, 1989, after new owners had first run and then closed the park, Frontier Town was re-opened by Panther Mountain Water Park (Ken Delafrange, President) and run for another decade.

Frontier Town closed for good in 1998.

As a kid growing up in northern Vermont, I visited Frontier Town every year from 1961 to 1970. In the early 90s I brought my own family to visit this place that had meant so much to me as a child. Our last visit was in 1997.

When I got home from that visit I started a web site to share my memories of Frontier Town. When Frontier Town closed the next year, my web site was the only presence that Frontier Town had on the Internet for many years.

The web has changed since then. Today it seems that everyone and their brother are on Facebook. There are a couple of Frontier Town groups on Facebook that allow people to share their memories of Frontier Town better than this website ever did.

I have also changed since then. Between work and family, I just do not have the time to continually add to this website as I have in the past, or to even keep up with the spammers and hackers that have continually attacked the site over the years.

So, after much consideration, I have decided that I am going to take down this Frontier Town web site. This message will remain for a while to encourage visitors who come across it to search for Frontier Town on Facebook. And then this site, too, will ride off into the sunset, much as Frontier Town itself has.

I want to thank all the visitors to this site over the years who have shared with me their memories of the truly magical and unique place called Frontier Town.

- Steve Gross